LEARNING PAPER: Cashing in on Transfer Modalities: Learnings from Prospects programme in the use of Mobile Money and Bank Accounts

How can financial inclusion outcomes be garnered even when this is not the primary purpose of a program or intervention?

Phase I of the Prospects youth employment program used two different cash transfer modalities, mobile money and bank accounts, for two different employment interventions: an apprenticeship program and an entrepreneurship cash grant program.

While these modalities were instrumentalised (i.e. they were primarily used for their administrative efficiency) as a means to support the employment outcomes which were the central objectives of the program, we found that the use of these modalities in themselves generated unanticipated but positive impacts in terms of beneficiaries’ access to and continued usage of these financial instruments.

The purpose of this paper is not to provide robust evidence about the impact of Prospects on financial inclusion, but rather to highlight the significance of the process through which cash was transferred – beyond the value of the cash itself – in supporting developmental outcomes.

Read the paper here.

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